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Clients, recommendations, sales, products, stock, inventory
All retail data via single interface

Ridge is a responsive assistant, available via web or mobile application
All data for improving in-store client experience is always ready at hand!


Sales and marketing campaigns real-time analytics.


Product recommendation, cross-sell, up-sell, complimentary goods.

Mobile assistant

Knowledge-based responsive assistant available on mobile devices.


Labeling and re-labeling, revaluation of products and inventory of stock.


Progress tracking and analyzing your salesmen’s performance.

Mobile payment

In-app integrated mobile cashbox for in-place payment.

Mobile assistant

Improve customer experience and increase in-store consultants performance.
Mobile application with access to all platform functions.

Easy plug, ease use

Fast and seamless integration into existing IT-infrastructure of all-size retail business.


Search and filter products based on customer wishes and shopping history.


Information on product characteristics and availability at different stores on one screen, in one place.


An intelligent recommendation system.
Available on web and in mobile assistant.


Product recommendations based on actual stock information and complimentary products selection algorithm.

Personal offers

Generation of personalized recommendations based on customer shopping history, profile and preferences.


Omnichannel-based recommendations.

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